i. floating

you’ll want to chop your hair off
when he leaves,
to give you a sense of loss,
separate from that of your soul;

for a day you’ll feel weightless;

in the coming weeks when your hair is gone
and so is he,
you’ll be grieving two losses,
him and you

ii. wounds

i don’t think of him anymore.
i don’t think
of the way his jawline
sliced me like a knife when he left me,
his bare hands grappled at my heart
and soul
until i couldn’t feel myself anymore

he tore life out with words,
dug holes in my skin with his eyes.

i have regained my sanity.
my composure.
my heart is still missing

iii. iced

his voice rings in my ears
like alarms of past flames:
burning my memories.
smoke pours from my ears
at the sound of the name;

i gather the photos of us
contained in a box
lying under my bed.
one by one i place them
in my living room fireplace.
torching intuition

here i exist, years later
sparks still igniting
the bottom of my heart,
no liquid can extinguish
his heat,
from my bones.

v. delicate

i am a garden.
dandelions sprout from my bones
with every step,
trees grow in my lungs,
flourishing at every breath.

i am pruned.

poisonous weeds
are no longer to be planted
among my flowers.


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